The Golden Jester has now finished

Past Golden Jester Competition - Rules and Regs

Golden Jester Winner 2015 = £1,000 cash prize PLUS paid gigs with Great Comedy Nights and other promoters.

Four Golden Jester Runners Up each receive a £250 cash prize

Heats will be held at Belushis Bars and St Christoper Pubs in London

The simple entry rules/details for the competition are as follows:

1. The 'Golden Jester' is open to ALL types of comedy performer and will run throughout 2015.

2. Acts who have performed 'regular paid gigs' (i.e. more than half of their total gigs) during the past two years will not be considered as a new act. Please talk to us if in any doubt.

3. For the 1st Round Heats/Quarter Finals/Semi Finals, acts will be required to perform a MAXIMUM 5 minute set. YOU MUST BRING A MINIMUM OF ONE AUDIENCE MEMBER. No Exceptions

4. For the FINAL acts will be required to perform between a 5 to 6 minute set. You do not have to bring an audience member to the Final, although perhaps you will as you’re now in the Final !

5. For the 1st Round Heats/Quarter Finals/Semi-Finals judging will be solely decided by whole audience votes, via judging forms. All results will be published by e-mail to ensure TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. We are the only comedy competition that does this.

6. For the GRAND FINAL judging will be by a combination of audience votes, and a panel of respected comedy industry judges, promoters and sponsors.

7. All acts must be available for the GRAND FINAL in October 2015.

9. Any decisions made by ‘Great Comedy Nights’ are final and we reserve the right to amend the rules of the competition to suit the number of entrants.

10. Grand Final Cash Prize Winners of previous 'Golden Jester Competitions' run by 'Great Comedy Nights' will not be allowed to enter this competition.

Please contact us via the Contact Page if you would like to enter. You will then receive full booking details well before the heats start.

In the meantime 'just keep gigging'